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😢 What do I do now?

Ever feel lost when it comes to being in Real Estate?

  • Tired of not knowing what to do
  • Broke and can’t pay the bills
  • Frustrated your leader isn’t leading

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When you don’t know what to do next,  Here’s a couple of suggestions to get you out of that rut.

  1. Keep your head up, every day. Keep pushing forward
  2. Get back on the phone and contact a past client or prospect. This is a contact sport and you have to contact people.
  3. Practice your trade every day.  This means you have to make time to sharpen your saw.

These three steps should make you a better, happier pup, Every time.

If you find yourself needing to chat, contact me anytime.


Mike Price

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Mike Price

Mike Price Realty Team is the most amazing group of Professionals that I get the honor of leading. We are dedictaed to a "People First" Model of service. When not at work, Jenna and I are either with our kids, hanging with our Dog "Bosley" or hitting the trails here in Plainfield.

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